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Hi am Clive just a wagon driver how has lost some weight and trying to get fit so have started running and riding my bike. People say I should do a marathon but that's not for me, but I like the idea of a triathlon for goal. I would like some help on how to get started, was thinking of doing the Liverpool one next year as I'm from the Northwest.

Thanks in advance


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    hi clive. sounds like a good idea, with any luck you'll have some laughs on the way to achieving your goal!

    what are your swimming and running abilities/history, and how much time do you think you have per week to fit stuff in? do you have an understanding other half who will tolerate you sodding off to the pool at some unholy hour of the morning before disappearing off for hours on your bike? 

  • Welcome clive I am not trying to put anyone off.

    Liverpool is a Olympic distance race which should be open water so a SWIM wetsuit will be needed. (you cant swim very well in a steamer) You can hire these out for the season, but you need to learn open water swimming.


    ris said most of it. Triathlons take a lot of time, and dedication. 


    If it is Tri survival it is not too bad, and providing you can do all 3 within the time limits (Check race details) 


    If swimming isn't your thing Duathlons are great fun as well normally in colder weather, but great fun.

    I would not consider a big Tri until you have at least done a sprint distance not necessarily fast but shorter your local tri club will hold these, which would be worth joining apart from tips and training you do not pay full amount on the entry.

    Hope this helps. 

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