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Stronger delts or better wetsuit?

It's been a year since my previous race and open water swim; having had a great season of training in the pool I was surprised to feel my delts getting heavy so quickly in last week's race. I don't remember them so heavy last year when I swam quicker.

So is it my basic wetsuit or do I just need to train more? 



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    Had a similar problem with tiring delts during OWS. Now focus on using lats & pecs for propulsion, as you should, and made sure wetsuit is correctly fitted & lubed. Lots of Johnsons baby oil all over then flush water down sleeves and into neck before swim. The lube & water makes it easy to adjust for a good fit. Also have a look at the Swimsmooth video on putting on a wetsuit. The bit about shoehorning the shoulders really worked for me and reduced shoulder/delt fatigue quite a lot.

    Hope this helps


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