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Talkback: How to pace your first sprint distance triathlon

So it's been more years than there are sports in triathlon since I actually did three sports back to back. But after 9957 days since competing my first triathlon and I'm still putting theory into practice and showing that time crunched training need not be ineffective...



  • risris Posts: 1,002
    great result, jb, but what on earth were you doing in t2? cup of tea and a scone? turns out it is all about the bike...

    i know what you are driving at in the article in terms of building pace, but i suspect (and i have no evidence to support this, other than my own race pacing failures) that often you can go harder earlier and maintain harder efforts for longer than you think is possible.

    i think that many people taking part in sprints could try kicking on the run earlier, or building the pace faster. i've been guilty of waiting until the last km to really push hard, when i'm sure i could manage it at a mile...
  • T2 was explained by two errors:

    (1) I left my Rotor Q-Ring 53T on the front despite a 50T option but left it at home - as the Scot Plasma for TT/Sprint Tri it has no inner chain ring - learning from the Mountain bikers who go single ring and a bigger spread on the rear cassette.

    (2) I did a recon of the course the night before but caught the man putting out the signs and carried on left (at Rudge for those really that interested). He put out a sign that went right.

    The hill that followed error 2 made the gearing in error 1 a tad too hard.

    Hit T2. Whack left shoe on. Left quad locks out. Full lock out.

    Hilarious stretching, jogging and then I was running.

    Sadly no scone. But ran okay.
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