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Hi guys

I am looking to kit myself out for next season when I will mostly be racing middle distance (I know this one hasn't finished yet) and given the myriad of kit out there was wondering am I better off going to a specific tri shop or  separate bike, run and swim retailers (ideally I want to do it all in one go) or is online shopping best?

Also given tri specific shops can be a few miles away what are the key things I should be looking for from a tri shop if I go that route

Any suggestions gratefully received



  • risris Posts: 1,002

    depends what you are after i think... i tend to shop in the separate 'specialist' shops (mainly online retailers), so bike shops for bike parts/advice, running shops and swim retailers (these are precious few!). 

    online a lot of these are now the same place (chainreaction, wiggle etc all do a broad range of stuff), but for some key stuff i go to the specialists (sportshoes, activinstinct).

    if i was looking for something specific, like a tri bike, i might consider a tri shop (if they had the range or expertise). 

  • MacaroneMacarone Posts: 58

    Are you planning on buying gear to race and train in or just for racing or training? I tend to have race kit (tri suit, tri shoes) then buy other items for day to day training as it gets used all the time. I rarely train in my tri-suit unless I'm at the lake and doing a swim/run brick session. I wear regular cycling gear (shoes/bib shorts/tops) when I'm on the bike, regular swim shorts in the pool and regular running shorts/tops when running (did someone mention how expensive this sport can be?)

    Really depends on what you need but a tri specific shop will be able to kit you out with all of this (tri specific and sport specific) but you will of course be restricted by the brands they stock - over time you'll find out what you like/don't like and then just piece things together as you need them. Nothing quite like the moment you realise you need new kit!

  • Thanks guys these are really helpful

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