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Ironman Mallorca

Evening all. I am participating in the inaugural Ironman Mallorca next month and haven't raced there before or had the chance to visit the area to see what the bike course is like. I live in Essex so not that blessed with large hills so I'd welcome any advice from anyone who has raced the course before or knows the area. I have a road bike with 28/11 rear cassette so hoping this will suffice. 

I raced ironman Wales in 2011, IMUK 70.3 twice in 2010 and 2014 so have completed hilly bike courses so any comparison with these would be useful.


Many thanks


  • GaynorGaynor Posts: 8

    Is there anyway you could train on a tacx trainer. I have a vortex and you can get the full cycle course on DVD to train with. If not there is a 4 percent increase one mile in the most up to 13 miles run at zero percent apart from round abouts which go up to one percent then down. After that at 13.5 miles it ramps up to 7 percent then 9 percent.  Then down hill 

    hope this helps 

  • Hi Leighjon,

    I raced the 70.3 there in May and am doing the 140.6 there in 5 weeks as well and looking forward to it. Attached map and profile (but its also available on the site)

    The major climb is tough but very manageable in that its a steady gradient without any truly nasty upticks in gradient. Its only 600m of climbing and so is comparible to say 2 or 3 box hills with a slightly steeper average gradient. Very manageable with a slow steady cadence.

    The two factors I suggest you keep in mind is that this climbs comes 120kms into the route and so it is definitely worth keeping efforts in check prior to that so that you arrive with relatively fresh legs which should be ok given the almost flat nature of the first 120kms (its worth looking to drop your heart rate as you leave Pollensa which is approximately 15kms from the summit) and secondly that the heat builds in the hills substantially and so you want to make sure you are cool as you start the climb  and have suffcient liquids to get you through.

    Lastly, just be aware that the descent is definitely classed as technical with numerous switchbacks and s bends but  fun if you keep your speed in check and control your efforts.

    Hope thats helps and good luck for the race.




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