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Does anyone have any advice on the best option.


I currently have a BTWIN bike for my first year, but looking to upgrade and have ~£1k to spend on the halfords bike to work.

They've informed me they can source other bikes for me so looking for some advise on the best option.

I've done a middle distance this year on a road bike, so I'm leaning towards the Boardman Carbon for £1k rather than a tri.


Would be good if anyone can offer any advice!


  • Can you transfer the BTW halfords voucher elsewhere? Some of my local shops take them 

    The Spec of a Bike from halfords changes to keep the cost down. So this years builds are no where near as good as they were 2 years ago, or last year. 

    I would not trust my local Halfords with a puncture let alone any mechanical issues ( cant say it is country wide.) 

    Halfords is like a supermarket chain. Your LBS will give you a better service and knowledge.


    as its the only one to have a groupset with it. ( Halfords dont admit to have a groupset on their boardmans, which means you could end up with tourney)

    If you need advice on geometry PM me. Good luck, but I don't think you will get the best value for money in that place anymore.

  • I agree the boardman isn't as good as a fee years ago the next bike up is nice but they will not allow you to add money depending what area you are I know of a couple of places which will let you add to the voucher I used mine to get a 2k trek I could have had a pinarello also
  • It really depends on the type of riding you'll be using it for. A road bike will be more versatile, especially if you plan on doing sportives, group riding (group rides usually don't allow for bikes with aerobars). If you think you can spend all your time on a TT bike then that will be a better choice for race day but it will depend on the course as if it's a hilly, technical course, then a TT bike might not always be the best option. Personally, I'd go for a road bike, if you have spare cash in the future, you can always upgrade/add new wheels, aerobars (clip-on just for racing) to make it faster but equally, you'll have a bike that you'll feel comfortable on if you decide to do longer distance rides. Either way, it's a compromise and sooner or later you'll want both, 'n+1' !

    You could always stick with your current bike and spend the money on wheels as that might be the fastest option (if that's allowed on the scheme of course).

  • Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll see what my halfords say as its quite a local store so might be able to bend their arm.

    As for the bike i think i'm leaning towards a road bike with a view to upgrading the wheels in Feb when i have some disposable cash.


    Any views on the best brand for money on road bikes?

  • I'm presuming your budget is still under 1k


    Canondale CAAD you get a OK groupset but the frame is excellent. (fast, light and aggressive.And it's the same frame as the more expensive CAADs) 

    CANYON bikes but I think their road bikes are over budget.

    Their are a lot of sportive bikes for that money, they do not suit my riding so I look at the geometry then dismiss. with bikes try before you buy, and make sure you get the right fit. Their are so many companies measurements slightly different.

    And I'm nervous about cheap carbon 

  • Road bike, you'll get a lot more usage and benefit more from it too. nothing stopping you passing those on a tri bike if you take training seriously 

  • KGKG Posts: 6

    For your budget, you will probably be better off with a good bike with alloy frame than a carbon one. 

    One more vote for Canyon, too.

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