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Sponsorship for events

I'm doing a Olympic tri this weeked and the main entry condition is that you raise £200 for the chosen charities..on top of the entry fee (£70)

I don't have a problem with this. The charities are worthy and needed causes...which i wholeheartidly support.

However, what i find objectionable is the condition that the minimum £200 has to be collected before the event or paid in cash on the day....otherwise you cannot race.

In the past Sponsorship was about others giving you incentive to complete the challange...now it seems to be an additional entrance fee.

So my question is....what if i fail to complete the race? should my sponsors expect a rebate ? If so, how does that work with Justgiving ?

I'm interested in the thoughts of others....



  • I will not enter a event because of the ~"you must raise" policy. 

    A mate wanted to do the London-Paris I think it worked out he had to pledge a stupid amount, if he couldn't raise the amount he had to dig in his own pocket.

    I have been also informed that the only National charity out their that the majority of the raised funds goes to the RNLI, ( that is because of a remote location and and the mechanics, the rest are volunteers. I object to paying for a entire "Companies" Infrastructure, when money should be going actually into what we are led to believe that the money is for.

    What you are "paying for" is the privilege to race that event. If you fail to attend or complete, that is your fault. But you have taken someone else's place and therefore their entry fee. I wouldn't want to refund anyone if they fail for any reason.

    I can see why they ask for the money upfront, honesty seems to have diminished from certain people and why give up the chance of loosing your pay check because someone claims the money is in the post?

    I think certain charities have become greedy, and unfortunately racing events will become very expensive in the future. And that will not be because of the race administration- just overpaid "CHARITY" employees.A majority of raised funds for overseas charity goes to buying a safe passage in remote areas (ie. local authorities/militia/rebels etc.)

    Their might be other National/International charities working a volunteer only but RNLI is what I have heard of, and would like to hear of many more. I don't disagree that scientists and some staff need to be paid, but the infrastructure of most is like a large business and a pay infrastructure to match. 

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