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Training too hard?

Anyone else train like you race?  


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i find it nearly impossible - racing creates a focus that i can rarely replicate in training.  i've got better, mainly because i have a swim coach that encourages flat-out sessions and i've discovered i can transfer that feeling of misery and suffering to running and cycling.

  • I used to blast 5km out of the water everytime thinking it was going to improve my time,but it just left me shatterd, now I follow a structured run programme with lots of easy running to take me to sub 18 for 5km and its working a treat.Im now doing

    more CSS speed training in the pool, I was doing lots of 100 repeats falt out,again

    they left me in a heap an actaully I started to put on muscle size. Taking my foot of the pedal has improved me.

  • I train for everything as a time trial, except recoveries. Then a rest period. Structured programs work very well, but I believe you have to follow them. I do not get that much training time now so everything I do is based on experience and that mad dog behind me


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