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Swim Kick

Hi All,

Is there a bench mark for what your freestyle kick with a board  shoud be compared to say your 50 metre freetyle time. Just I picked up a kick board today and decided to kick with it,(the usual arms outstretched and kicking behind) and I barley moved down the pool at all.


I think I need to improve it, Any drills and any dry land drills I can do.?





  • foot flexibility is essential for a good kick, so if you kneel down and sit on your underside of the foot, then lean back- start off with normal flexibility then increase over the weeks. keep the feet straight.


    the tendons that you need to stretch are often neglected so errr on the side of caution, injuries could happen very fast. 

    You probably suffer with runners kick where you bend the knee too much. tensing the knee cap and moving the entire leg from the liopsois muscles improves this, but it is a concentrated muscle group and will take alot of concentration so aim for a length at a time. leg movement needs to be fluid and relaxed. Once you have mastered the technique merge it with the rest of the technique.

    Something like 25% of swim speed and power comes from the kick. So I would use it only to clear a lane, for endurance the upper body movement is probably more of a priority.  

  • Thanks for that,I will start that stretch. Should you

    be squeezing your but cheeks together as if you are trying to squeeze a coin,

    Read that somewhere.


    I swimming 400 in 6.48 . Id love to be able to get that down to 6.00.

    At the moment all im doing is about 1600 meters twice a week.

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