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Swollen hands/joints/feet Cold OWS

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice. Between brick sessions I normally use jelly sweets and recently I got a couple of cheap bags from the shop. After a run, I munched through almost a full bag ~100g and started OWS training. The water was a little cold, it is September after all but once I got out I noticed I had fat hands and feet and joints were itchy like I had an allergic reaction. I had this last year during an adventure race but I dismissed it as I stayed in a dodgy hostel the night before.

I've read all sorts online, cold urticaria, fructose-induced uric acid gout and everything inbetween.

Has anyone any experience of this and if so, any solutions? I'm concerned it might be excessive frutose/glucose but I'm only 39, fit and healthy, no medical issues, regularly train and did 4 sprints this year and 3 middle distance road races so it's not diabtetes or obesity.



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