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Tadcaster Tri

I'm doing the Tadcaster Tri on May 2nd but due to work commitments n training loads i won't have time to reccy the course before hand.

Just wondering if any on here has done it before and can give me an idea of the elevations and if there are any killer hills i need know about.

I'm training in a fairly hilly area but just wanted a heads up


  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    I've done this event loads of times, the bike course, although pretty short is rolling to hilly all the way. some of the hill will require relatively low gears, i found i was down to 39 x 21 on the worst. (i am a relatively good climber on the bike). the course changed slightly last year so i can't remember the exact details. If you are training in a hilly area you will be fine.

    There are some fairly technical parts though with ticht turns on decents etc. so be careful if its wet.

    good luck and enjoy as it is a great local event
  • Cheers, ill have to start incorporating some longer climbs then to make sure i'm up to it
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