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Talkback: How to deal with that congested feeling after swimming

not only do i get congestion after swimming in the pool but also in open water. I had 3 days of it after Bala this year. Is my only option a nose clip?


  • This might be extreme but I used to suffer terribly with this too, pool and open water. For other reasons I had a food intolerance test done and found I was highly 'reactive' to dairy. Knocked dairy on the head and my main complaint has disappeared but I'm also sleeping better, snoring less and not getting bunged up from swimming. But a £3 nose clip is a cheaper and equally effective option!

  • I use a nose clip and still suffer. Resort to using my hayfever medication (Pirinase nasal spray works for me but needs planning to take 24 hours before swimming). Also use saline nasal spray post swim. Often have to resort to antihistamines too. I haven't yet tried the herbal oil based preventer sprays.
  • I started using a nose plug for OW and have not had a problem since.  I don't need to use one in the pool.  It takes a little getting used to switching back and forth between using the plug and not using it, but so worth it.

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