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Why are triathlons mainly held on Sundays?

Hi all,

I'm new to triathlon, but it is obvious to me that most triathlons happen on Sundays - can anyone tell me why? One suggestion is that as they tend to start early, you have Saturday to travel to the venue, but surely, you'd want a day after to travel back (I wouldn't fancy jumping straight in a car to drive home after a triathlon).

any suggestions?


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    Might be the roads are quieter, i'm honestly not sure. A lot of them are quite early starts and getting to a venue late on a friday night isn't feasible for everyone. there are some races on saturdays now, or at least some of the bigger events are spread across saturdays and sundays. 

    personally, i don't find sunday morning races an issue with driving back - not for sprints and oly's anyway. Half distance is a bit more of a long old slog so leaving it a few hours before driving anywhere isn't a bad idea.

    long/full distance... different game entirely. after IM i wanted to be carried around, let along do any driving!

  • Yeah, I'm sure it's down to having quieter/safer roads. It's also probably more suitable for people, i.e. less people work on Sunday than any other day so more can take part. Having the Saturday as a 'registration' day is also a major plus as it's not something you want to have to do on the morning of the race as there's usually enough other things to worry about!

  • TimBTimB Posts: 3

    Typically, it's quieter on the roads - although not everywhere, so you do find some Saturday races for that reason! That's also a reason for an early start. Also, it gives the race organisers a day to arrive and set up, which is essential. These things don't just happen, you know! 

  • JarredJarred Posts: 5

    I love having triathlons on Sundays versus Saturdays. The bigger question is why do they all have to be at 7am? Couldn't we all agree on a nice early afternoonish start

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