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hi all
whos doing imuk and how is your training coming on ?? mine has somewat come to a standstill i have just got a running injury, my calf has gone which leads to my achillies bieng in excrutiating pain, any one got any ideas apart from rest, it feels like a day is a week when you cant train i feel depressed!! i am doing all the usual rice , heat , ultrasound im just bored coz i cant get out there, also im panicking abgout july 31st doubt is looming in my head!!


  • DaraghDaragh Posts: 4
    Hi steve. Hope the calf has healed by now and that you are back training. My training is going fine ... No speed but 16.59 will do me! This weekend was good with 115k on the bike on sat and 3k ow swim followed by a HM yesterday. I'm a bit stiff today but nothing major wrong. A good bit more work to do but we will get there hopefully.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Yeah my training has taken a turn for the worst too, 20 mins into a 2 hr run on Sunday I turned on my ankle and sprained it.
    It's now twice the size of the other but I'm walking ok and can jog but I'm going to rest it.
    I'm going to hammer it in the pool this week instead and add some strength and quality core sessions in instead of the bike & run and then see how I go, better than doing nothing at all.
    Get those calves pummled by a sport Massuese while your not running, you may find it was the calves causing the injurys to the achilles, try and get the treatment started ASAP to prevent downtime.
    A physio once told me also never to rest a persistant injury as your body never strengthens enough to overcome it permanantly, he suggested lowering the intensity but not the duration during providing there is no excessive pain
    It might help.

    Hope it clears up soon and see you out there
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    It's getting close and I can feel a cold coming on.
    Off to Asda for a punnet of Kiwi's & gallons of OJ
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