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Got a question about tri-specific bike shoes. Looking at getting some shimano tr32's but I've a dilemma over sizing. Obviously I don't want the shoes to be too lose and rub when riding sockless which a size 44 doesn't, however, my big toe is lightly touching the end of the shoe. Would this necessarily cause a problem at sprint/Olympic distance racing and if so should I go for a size up but risk the rest of the shoe not fitting as snugly? Thanks in advance


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    does the 45 fit ok or is it a bit loose? i can understand your reticence about riding in a small-fitting shoe, and i think for sprint/oly you are probably ok (provided you don't ever plan to wear socks). if you go longer than that then you might find your feet spread a bit and could get uncomfortable in a short/narrow toebox.

  • Have you actually tried them on while clipped in? They might feel slightly different if you're in the 'assumed' position rather than just stood up. Just a thought, otherwise, maybe the shoe doesn't suit your shape of foot? I bought some Pearl Izumi last year and had to return them as they just didn't feel right, ended up with NorthWave (tribute) and they felt much better. Both perfectly good shoes, just one fits my feet better.

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