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know my fire service work colleagues find it funny, but I was one of the 2000 unfortunates who got pulled out of the water with 3 mins to the start at Lake TAHOE Ironman. With £10,000 down the spout taking me and the family to USA, it was looking like the most expensive rucksack I've ever got from a race!  I was expecting the WTC to offer at least a reasonable refund of my $720, but the best they can do is approx. 100 euros OFF a 70.3 I don't even want to do. Some organisations are getting a bit too big for their boots and l=are willing to squash the little athlete under foot if it helps bring the millions. I did intend to fight them on the beaches over this, but would be interested to get some thoughts on the subject. If not you will see me running over the line at as many events as I can with disparaging banners held aloft. Fathers for Justice will have nothing on me


  • I had to cash in a savings policy to do this once in a life time trip, I agree they had to cancel the race due to wild fires started by an arsonist but was offered free entry to any race in North America this year of which there are 2 (Mexico,Florida).which I have no chance to do , otherwise 50% off any race IN NORTH AMERICA next year 2015, which due to me having to spend $10,000+ to take my family with me this year.won't be happening due to this being a once in a life time trip. Ironman is a multi million pound business that is getting bigger every year and there point blank refusing to refund anything of  the £500 entry fee, so at the moment my ruck sack is worth a fortune.

    ironman forgets the athletes and just wants to make as much money as possible, shame on you.

    come on Ironman don't forget to look after the athletes that made you what you are and don't forget, you made it your part of your selling point.

                                            ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

  • Well, I have to add to this thread after receiving the same rubbish offer from WTC. There is no way I can afford or justify another trip across the pond to participate in a 2014 or 2015 event. I've done several WTC events since 2007 and one Challenge, so I've spent quite a bit supporting them. You would think I would be a valued customer; how naive of me! 

    Given the way I have been treated, I regret now not entering 'The Outlaw' given it's great reputation for a UK organisation and moving away from entering a WTC event.

    I like most have already committed to an event for 2015; 70.3 Barcelona (now no longer a Challenge event). I emailed WTC and suggested that they give me entry into Copenhagen as some compensation, they have refused! We all know there are spare places come race day.

    So, to all of you planning and aspiring to participate in an 'Ironman' event, consider who you choose wisely as you are certainly not treated like a customer once you have parted with your money with the WTC.

    Very bad on you WTC!

  • Initially I was gutted about the cancellation of this race, having trained for a year in preparation and also having spent a fortune taking my family with me.

    Having examined the compensatory options provided by WTC, my disappointment is fast turning into anger!

    The derisory compensation offered only serves to confirm that this organisation has become an uncaring money making monster that has lost sight of its own ideologies. Clearly the WTC couldn’t care less about the individuals who sign up to the Ironman dream, so long as the profit margins continue to skyrocket. 

    I was struggling to understand why on earth the event had not been called off much sooner. Having attended the Squaw Valley registration (T2 venue) on the Thursday before the race, I was horrified to see smoke so thick that the picturesque mountain backdrop was totally obscured, actual particles of ash were falling down and many of those queuing for registration and race briefings were wearing dust masks!

    But this just typifies WTC putting its own interests first. I believe they knew full well that the race wouldn’t go ahead, but suspect they needed the US authorities to cancel the race on health grounds in order to ensure they could cash in on the event insurance, regardless of the impact upon athletes who would be travelling from across the globe to take part.

    The fact that they were happy to continue this charade until we were actually standing in the waters of the lake ready to start, is extremely difficult to stomach. I feel like I have been taken for a mug!

    This whole fiasco has left me completely disillusioned with “Ironman” and I echo the sentiments of previous contributor, chose your events wisely and if you do chose Ironman, enter with your eyes wide open and knowing that if something goes wrong, you’re pretty much on your own!

  • I have been offered a 5k in Ulan Batar on xmas day......result!

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