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Fogging Goggles

Any suggestions on types of goggles or tricks to stop goggles from fogging up. My current goggles, that I have had for a while, fog up before the start of every race. It never really seems to be an issue in the pool though.


  • wipe them out with baby shampoo every few swims. put a couple of drops in and wipe with a soft cloth. Works for me.

  • spit is the easy fix...but only a tiny amount

  • I use muc off anti fog, designed for motorcycle visors, works great on goggles and cycling glasses, spray every 5/6 swims no fog

  • I use muc off anti fog, works great on goggles and glasses

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I second the Muc Off anti-fog... works a treat.

  • mdavamdava Posts: 4

    Spit in them - but here's the detail  

    You need to spit in them at least five minutes before you swim then just let it sit there.  Then just before you swim swirl your goggles in the water to rinse them out then put them on. Works for me.

  • Use anti-fog spray on goggles. Also splash water on face to cool face down before putting goggles on as some misting occurs from heat from face reacting to cold water when swimming.

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    similar to mark - i wet my face and give my goggles a swill in the pool before putting them on. also helps with the seal of the goggles to the face. 

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