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I’m  beginner looking to kick off my first proper season next year with a few Olympic distance tri’s and finishing with the Ironman Wales in September. I have a decent level of fitness across all 3 disciplines (have done several half marathon’s and endurance swim/bike events previously) but am after some advice/guidance on training......would be good to hear people’s views on what approach to take in relation to the conundrum I have below...

On the first weekend of July next year I will be completing the LCW, which is a full Ironman spread over 3 days (swim Friday, bike Saturday, run Sunday) although I will only be completing a half marathon on the Sunday rather than the full 26.2.

The weekend before I have tickets for Glastonbury festival which generally runs from Wed – Mon. Now although next year I won’t be indulging in as much alcohol at the festival as previously, it will still mean several days training missed pretty close to quite a gruelling event.

As I haven’t completed any full distance tri’s before I have little to go on around training leading up to an event or recovery after an event. One option I was considering was completing an Olympic distance tri the weekend before the festival (so 2 weeks before LCW), recovery through the following week/festival, then a few steady sessions in the week leading upto the LCW. The other option is to just train hard up to the festival, a few days of rest when there, then a few easy sessions leading up to the LCW.

Be good to hear people’s opinions on the best approach out of the 2 above.....or if they are both terrible ideas! Also would be good to hear how much of an impact several days off training so close to an event can cause.


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