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All 6 Sufferfests back to back - Coneheads done it!!!!!

Team Laws are planning a few races this year ending in Challenge Henley in September. All is well ( apart from me tearing my AC ligament in my shoulder this week) doh

Anyway - my " coach" the man they call Conehead decided he'd do all 6 Sufferfests back to back in one go!!!!

He set up in Bridgtown Cycles - (thanks to Mike for being well on board) and he proceeded to murder himself for 130 miles.


If anyone is interested I can post pics - we raised over £500 which is wicked.

Just wanted to publicly thanks Darren for sweating his nuts off for Team Laws and thanks to everyone who donated for his hair brained idea, big up the BCTTT and Thanks to Bridgtown for laying on upstairs for us. Awesome place .

Apparently , and Mr Sufferfest has said, that it's never been done before ( to his knowledge).

Next plan is a 12 Hr continuous ride, the races, and some other crazy plan.



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