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Cervelo P2 105 or Argon 18 2014 E-80 105

I am looking to purchase my first Tri bike and have narrowed it down to the Cevelo P2 105 (seen for about £2k) or the Argon 18 E80 (seen for about £1.6k) and would welcome some 'constructive' advice on which you would recommend...or an alternative? I have discounted the Boardmans, Giant Trinity (as no stock until next April), Sepcialized, Trek and the Cube range...any thoughts


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    have you tried either out for fit? either bike would i'm sure be lovely, but only if it fits you properly. start there...

  • Not yet, but due to have a Cervelo fit in a week or so...I appreciate the benefit of a good fit; recently had a bike fit at Bike Science Bristol and my TCR has never felt soooo good I am more after peoples personal experiences and opinions...another angle to consider when making the decision. Thanks for commenting though

  • Try TTbikefit for a rough idea on bike sizing mybike fit beta



    But as ris has said riding experience is faultless.


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