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1st triathalon

Always dreamed of doing a triathlon so at 35 and after two 10km runs I've signed up to the New Forrest Tri on the 24th May 2015!! Any advice? Tips? Good training plan with 6/7 months to go?!


  • Join a club, doesn't have to be tri specific. If you join a local swim masters club, you'll probably find half of them are triathletes - either way, you'll improve your technique and speed much better than if you try to go it alone. Likewise for the cycling and running - it's a great way to meet people, everyone will have tips to offer you and you'll push yourself harder than you will on your own. Ultimately, enjoy the journey, don't beat yourself up too much especially in the first year (mentally or physically). And finally, subscribe to 220 magazine, it'll motivate you each month to try something new, eat better and buy more stuff! Good luck and enjoy!

  • Prepare to be hooked! I completed London this year, my 1st Triathlon, raising money for a charity close to my heart kept me motivated. I enjoyed it so much I did 2 more, Eton Dorney and Hever Castle, I have now signed up for 4 next year!! Find a good open water swimming club/session, I found that helpful as I had never done open water swimming before (I went to RG Active which is London/Hertfordshire based). Most important thing is to have fun, as a 41 year old mum of 3 young children, I have never felt better!!
  • I'm currently building a site to give people the insider tips that will help you get faster quicker so have a look and hope the year goes really well for you.


    I agree with everything Macarone says too great advice



  • Triradar has some free training plans on it. These are generally 12 week plans.

    Before that, just some general fitness training, getting swim lessons (if required), making sure your bike is mechanically "up to the job". Work out how you can fit the training into your life.

    Gradually increase the amount of exercise (quantity and/or intensity) you do - you don't wanted to burn out or injure yourself.

    Hope this helps.

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    sell a kidney - you'll need the spare cash for all the shiny, carbon, bling you are going to buy. 

  • Hi, I'm in exactly the same boat, I've only down one 10k... 2years ago but I normally do 24hr Kart races. I've signed up for the sprint section of the Cheshire Tri on May31st. Do you mind if I evesdrop on the advice?!

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    London 2006, I can still taste the Thames.....

  • As a tri virgin last this year, it was easy to source training plans on the Web, and the most expensive thing I bought was a tri-suit at ??30. The golden rule has to be, find a plan to suit your lifestyle, you will need to change a few things like less beer maybe. But to start with don't let it consume your life. Before you race I would advise a dry run from a local pool, there is nothing like convincing yourself you can do a sprint distance Triathlon in calmer surrounds. Besides which it gives you a bench mark, and ideas of where you can improve.

    To this day I haven't joined a club, because of expense, my monthly pool membership is enough. However you will find plenty of help through websiteso and forums like 220 full of sound advice. You will even meet fellow triathletes in the pool.

    If you have a weakness train at it, until you get better and better. I couldn't do 400m in under 18min, this time last year, without having a near death experience. Now I am doing 1km in 18mins, and then doing another km afterwards with ease. All I did was practise, train, learn, tweek and push myself.

    If you can do it, try each discipline three times a week to start with, and then test yourself regularly.

    At the end of the day you have done the hardest bit, deciding to do a triathlon. The rest will be down to you and how much effort you put in.
  • I too was in this position last year having never really been interested in Triathlon I went with the wife and kids to view Ironman wales (im a local) WOW enjoyed it so much I entered for 2014 ......  My first EVER tri was Ironman Wales 2014 and I finished in under 13 1/2 hours ........ Just enjoy what your doing and always remember why your doing it and never try to convince anyone do it for you

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