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The Search For A Wetsuit

Hi All,

Just looking for an opinion, I'm currently in the market for a new wetsuit (used for olympic distance) and have a budget of £250.

I have had a look myself and have found what I think to be a bargin, the Huub Archimedes:http://huubdesign.com/products/archimedes-1 in my size.

But does anyone know of any better options out there at this price or should I jump at the chance to own the Huub suit?

Look forward to any suggestions


  • I've just switched from a speedo to Zone3. Got a very good reputation for being fast and easy to get off. Some good deals on ex demo or even new 2013 models. Check out raceZone3 web site or MilletSports.


  • risris Posts: 1,002

    huub make great suits, but fit is the most important thing. can you get a try of it so that you know it fits properly? even the best/most expensive suit out there could make you slower if it fits badly (i know of a few people for whom certain brands/models just don't fit properly!)

  • We had a few newbies at the club and I got Zone3 to send various suits so they could try them. Just got 1 to return. As you say fit is the most important factor. Even same make with different models the fit changes with the thickness of the panels and different cut of shoulders. Temptation for someone new is go for the one that is easiest to get on and forget that once in the water it fills up and remember it is always a lot easier to take off when wet 

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I own an Archimedes and it is a great suit. If its the right fit I'd jump at it. Its very easy to get off (the quick release zip will have your suit around your waist long before you get back to your bike) and the 3:5 has a really positive impact on body position (even coming from a strong swimmer with a decent non-wet suit swim position).

    BUT... as both Ron and Ris have said... if it doesn't fit its not the best suit for you.

  • Cheers for all the advise guys I've managed now to try both the zone 3 Vanquish and aspire and the Huub Archimedes and it seems as if the Huub is the better fitting and therefore I've gone for it

  • It's nice to hear that you've got the one that fits you. I do agree with Ris, that even the most expensive won't simply justify the best suit since at the end of the day it will still goes down with the way the suit matched your body thus not affecting your performance. =)

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