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For Sale: 2013 Cervelo P2 - 56cm

Hi Guys

I bought the Cervelo from a friend of mine as my first road bike, was quite naive as to the difference between a TT bike and a standard road bike... Anyway, the result of this purchase has essentially been a very underused bike which has sat in my garage for the best part of a year being used occasionally on a turbo trainer!!

To me this seems like a waste of a beautiful machine, so I present it for sale! I am told this exact bike was the one used in the 220 Triathlon magazine review of the P2 as well (I also have said magazine).

It has Shimano Ultegra throughout, front and rear derailleur and brakes. The original carbon wheels that came with the bike were removed before I bought it, they have been replaced with Shimano R500s which do the job for me nicely.

It is in good condition throughout, has had minimal use from me and the previous owner only used it a few times.

If interested please get in touch, I am open to sensible offers! I am based in Milton Keynes but work in Warwick! Am happy to travel short distances for the bike to be collected!

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