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How to transport the bike by plane?

Hi all, I have just bought a new bicycle (cannondale synapse) and I will have to transport it by plane to participate in my next race.. Wondering what kind of packages you are using when flying to protect it in the right way... Thanks! 


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Bike box is the best option, then a padded bag, and lastly some pipe lagging and blind faith. I've only ever taken my bike by plane once and used a (truly massive) box. Bike packed in, bubble wrap and lagging to protect it further. I flew with BA and they included bike boxes in their hold luggage allowance (no extra charge, although I did need to buy an extra hold space as I had other bags). Worked very well.

    I've not used a padded bag version, some people really like them. I'm not sure I'd trust the luggage chuckers with a big protected only with lagging / wrap and no box/bag, but people do it all the time so that might just be my paranoia!
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    Ive used my own monoc hard shell bike case and a borrowed padded bike bag both with no problems.

    My Monoc hard shell case weighs 15kgs when empty and about 28kg with bike and extras.

    One big headache though is sifting through the airline bike carriage charges.

    From my experience a lot airlines have their own different charges and weight limits so I would recommend you look into these charges and weight limits before booking your flight.


  • Hire a bike box if you dont want to fork out £500+ to buy one. Bike Box Alan, Bike Box Online, The Triathlon Shop all have hire fleets and Im sure there will be more besides those.

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