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Talkback: Para Tri Series launching next year

Sounds amazing. I am an S10 para-swimmer and would love to try triathlon, as a strong swimmer I would be interested in doing the Olympic distance of 750 swim 20k bike, 5krun, however due to my disability I can't run at all. Would my able bodied husband be able to do the run for me? Sophie


  • Hi Sophie, thank you for your query regarding Para Tri - great news you are up for the challenge. In answer to your question, yes absolutely. We have created two Para Tri relay events for this very reason. Anyone can join a relay event (which can be a team of two or three people) as long as there is at least one person with a disability per team.

    It looks like the Full Para Tri Relay is the race for you. You can reserve a place now at www.paratri.com. Please email [email protected] if you have any more queries. Thanks Zoe
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