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Beginner Diet

Good evening everyone,


I am an absolute beginner to triathlon and want to gradually prepare to see if it is a good fit. I plan to incorporate swimming in my schedule beginning next year, running spring next year and later on cycling. To prepare I row (indoor) six times a week and adjusted my diet:



- a glass of water

- a glass worth of two fresh orange juices


- 50 gram mix of nuts, 20 gram pumpkin seeds, 100 gram oatmeal, 100 gram full milk

AM snack:

- one bowl of Greek yogurt, one pear


- four loafs of bread, carrots, lettuce, chicken/ham

PM snack:

- one apple, one cookie


- wholegrain pasta/rice, one/two kinds of vegetable(s), chicken/salmon/vegetarian

Evening snack:

- fresh cheese, kiwi


So I wanted to hear if my diet is up to spec? Thank you in advance and have a nice day.


Kind regards


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