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Any budding doctors out there?

Curious medical question and was wondering if anybody else suffers from a similar problem?

I'm a relatively fit 6'6" tri athlete, completed a couple of Ironmans over the last two years so good general fitness.
The thing is I've started to notice about 30 minutes after completing a good training session on either discipline my fingers/hands and feet go white and numb as though I've been out on a long winter training ride. Happens on both hands and lasts for about 15 minutes and then they slowly return to normal.
Should I rush to the nearest cardiac unit or is this the norm?

If i win any races this year I won't be able to hold the Champagne Bottle on the podium!!


  • What has your GP said about it ?

    Not been.................. Why not?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    Get to the DOC's!
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Just to clarify if you didn't know... there's a paramedic replied to this thread.

    I'm not but I'm in agreement. Book the appointment. Fingers crossed you're just weird. Let us know how you get on.
  • TriTrainTriTrain Posts: 4
    Thanks for the replies, it is just me then.

    Docs appointment booked Friday, didn't visit Doc's before as thought it was just the body going into recovery mode.

    Next problem do I turn up on the bike, or set the turbo up in the waiting room to show her?

  • The best way to go and see a GP is armed to the teeth with info......use this very simple way to explain your problem... It's easy to understand, easy to explain and Doesn't take ages.

    Onset - when
    Duration of symptoms
    What makes them worse or better

    If it's painful use this pneumonic


    P = Provokes
    What causes pain?
    What makes it better?

    Q = Quality
    What does it feel like?
    Is it sharp?

    R = Radiates
    Where does the pain radiate?
    Is it in one place?
    Does it go anywhere else?
    Did it start elsewhere and now localised to one spot?

    S = Severity
    How severe is the pain on a scale of 1 - 10?

    T = Time

    Time pain started?
    How long did it last?

    Go armed with that written down and show the GP your not in the game to be mugged off with " come back in six months if its not better" Rubbish


    Good luck and PM me if I can help further.
  • Oh and for what's it's worth I think it's Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i'm disappointed in you, conehead, i'm sure for an issue of the hands and feet the most likely cause is in the glutes.
  • TriTrainTriTrain Posts: 4
    Just back from the Doc's and the thinking is Raynauds Syndrome, so no selling of the carbon bits just yet.

    She believes it's where I've warmed up and started to cool down at the end of the session the arteries go into some sort of shock which brings it on. Thanks for the advice, went well armed instead of looking stupid and not asking the right questions. There is no pills to pop, just need to warm down slower.

    Now how to turn this into an advantage for a race?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Puncture everone elses tyres and ride off. Thats an advantage. Or fill their trisuits with lead as they get in the pool!!!!!
  • Raunauds!!!!

    Really ..... That's usually brought on by cold weather not warming up and cooling down!

    How very odd
  • sheauwnsheauwn Posts: 1
    You didn't mention anything about pain in hands when this was happening so I assume there was none.
    if it is Raynauds you would expect your hands to go blue then white then red with them being intensely painful at the point where they are becoming red again. Also before they redden up I would expect your hands to be cold to the touch.
    Raynauds is as your GP said your circulation going into spasm in your hands, cutting off/reducing the blood supply and then when you warm up the blood comes back into your hands(when they are going red again).

    You said it happened in both the disciplines, which two were you on about? Does it happen when you do open water swimming?

    Do you have any numbness/pins and needle sensation in the palm of your hand on the side your thumb is on? Are you wearing gloves while cycling? If not you could be compressing a nerve or other vessels in the hand causing the problem. If your bike set up is wrong you could be putting undue pressure on your hands causing problems.

    Sorry for the long post
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