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When you wish upon a star...





Now that December's here, we can start talking about..... Christmas!

What tri gear are you hoping to find underneath the tree this year? New bike computer, one of those video drones, a pair of (merino) socks?

Me, I'm hoping for a pair of Shimano's RS685 disc brakes...


  • Well my birthday is Christmas Eve and after my bike got nicked I'm finding a new bike under the tree..... I think I want a liv/giant but can't decide whether to go for the Envie Advanced 2 or the Avail Advanced?! Envie more aero and racy, Avail more endurance and comes with disk brakes.... decisions decisions!

  • Found myself already a nice Argon E118 under the tree 

  • As the inventor and designer of www.triathlonbox.co.uk I'd love to
    have a final finished product under mine and others trees this year, but it is not going to be available till Feb 2015.  But for this year my list has
    this Amazing Felt AR which I have wanted for years now. Better get saving

  • Hi everyone..

    I am actually allways saying that I don't  need a thing, and I actually don't I have familly and helth. I am now trying to make my own magazine (that will be in three languages), just positive articles. And my laptop broke yesterday, so I would be happy to get laptop for Cristmass, because now my busines idea stoped, I can't  make my homepage complet, I can't write normally, because now also I am writong from my phone. And I spend all money that i saved up  by sending to charity. I wanted send just 540 euro, but instead put 5400 euros, haha, and if it hapened, I believe God wanted me to do that, so I am just happy that I could help thease childrens..

    I even not ready that someone will read this. It just was in my heart and I know that miricles happen. For other people - I am miricle (and will not stop to be), so I hope that some miracle will come to me too.

    Wish to everyone healts and love for this cristmas..and snow..at least I think it is important part to feel real Cristmass

    Madara Lapi??a

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  • Well as Saint Nicolas brought me a very nice 2nd hand turbo trainer, I can only ask Santa for one thing really. A very nice 3:5 wetsuit, however as I realise the money tree outside in the garden is wilting, I will settle for a injury and snuffles free festive period. Have a great one everyone. Dutchy
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    i'd settle for being a bit less injury prone at the moment. the stuff under the tree is just stuff - i wouldn't want to buy or be given a flash bike by my family, i've got one and making it a little more bling would probably suffice. nice bits of red anodised aluminium (spacers, hangars, ferrules, that sort of thing). 

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