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Specific Tri stores?

Hi, am trying this triathlon idea in the spring, looking to do the sprint event at Dorny lake in May. I don't have a wetsuit yet and am after some advice. I realise online is cheapest but I'd really like to spend an hour trying a few on, from what I've read, it's all about getting the right fit, a cheap well fitted suit is better than a dearer suit that fills with water. I live in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, M40 j6, and wanted to know if there is anywhere local that is recommended to try a few suits on, multiple brands too. I'm happy to train into London if needs be. Any advice on where to shop is greatly appreciated Jon


  • Pretty sure that there is an active Outdoor Swimming Society in your area Jon, one of my pals lives in Shabbington and she swims all the time with local groups. They will likely have a steer on where to buy/try wetsuits locally... I bought my first open water OW wetsuit online and the sizing was quite accurate (& it was cheap), lasted years and when I got a new one it became my spare. Good luck.


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Jon, if you resort to London I would recommend Ocean Sports (by Charing X) which has a great selection and very knowledgeable staff!

  • If you fancy journying west then pop into The Triathlon Shop (www.thetriathlonshop.co.uk) in Bristol. Endless pool to try suits, more experience that you could wish for and plenty of choice. 

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