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My wife just texted me this link:-


I replied saying good god woman......his apparel choice is terrible.......the colour doesn't match his bike!

She is not amused. Advice please.



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    You read the Daily Mail? Shame on you

  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    Yes i'm always looking for new fashion tips on the femail page....and The Sun was getting boring.

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Haha, my girlfriend sent me this link. As a 26 year old my only defence was that I'm not middle aged... yet. Also her comment that the Garmin is nearly as expensive bike sounds like a justification to buy a more expensive bike!

  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    I have a Garmin but I didn't spend £500 on it.....where's my wallet?

  • Sketty you could always politely advise her, that its either she accepts the bike and lets put it mildly, budgie smuggling lycra, and becomes in harmony with your desires to escape to the great open road, or you may have to find a more optimal life component to co-exist with.  Just make sure their is about a living rooms length between you when you do

  • There - bloody autocorrect

  • SkettySketty Posts: 24

    You haven't met my wife....I'd need to be in the next street.

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