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Talkback: Top 10 male triathletes of 2014

Couldn't have put the top ten any better if I tried. Gomez is phenomenal, a master in a class that is hard to beat. So now as this year is almost over what does next year have in store for all of them. (now where did I put my crystal ball?)


  • Glad you agree Marc. It'll be interesting to see what Javier Gomez does in 2015. Will he step back from serious middle distance racing - and the sheer amount of racing he does - for fear of losing that top-end run speed ahead of Rio? I'm sure he'd love to defend his 70.3 title, but hard to put a price on Olympic gold. Not a bad dilemma to face though.
  • That's what dedication to your dream gives you.  I do think though that our women elite are going to get stronger after though.  Rachel and Jodie definitely have a point to prove.  Good luck to all of them though.

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