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Feeling ill and not being able to train

Ok, so I have man flu, chest infection, general feeling crappy.  7 days so far and not trained a single day, and am hating it.  My little demon on my shoulder is screaming to get better, or hit the turbo or sweat it out.  But I resist.  Don't think my lungs can take it.  So what's the best thing to do, wait until I recover fully, or bite the bullet and swallow that dirty Man Up Pill?


  • For me, if its the back end of a cold/man flu (worst disease known to humans) I find getting out helps me to feel better. If only psychologically. Make sure to keep warm and hydrated. Take it easy first time out and stay close to home so if it does go wrong you're not far away. Forcing some air through your lungs might be the catalyst you need to get rid of the dregs of the ailment (works for me anyway).

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    Marc - I find blowing the cobwebs out helps me no end when I'm feeling under the weather. Maybe its just the serotonin talking but I generally feel better for a bit of activity... but then again I do get cabin fever. If nothing else it might take your mind off how crappy you feel if you can get through even a light baseline session on the turbo.

  • Well I am glad to say I made it back to reality and training last week but it's been a nightmare it really has...

    Check out a guest blog I did this week at www.frogislandtriathlon.com/news/guest-blogger-marc-davies-off-season-winter-blues

    Thankfully my body is holding up ????
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