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Running Socks

Bought a new pair of trainers a couple, of weeks ago and my wife over heard a conversation in the shop about running socks stopping blisters, and thinks I should get a pair ( I always seem to suffer with them).

Now I am not one to complain when she tells me to spend cash, but the ones in mymoti are about £10, which seems rather steep for one pair of socks.

Currently I use any old pair that I can lay my hands on, so are they really going to help reduce/prevent blisters and are they worth the cash?

Thanks (again)


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    Hey Linds, you frugal McDougal. Respect your feet and make their life a bit easier. Without them, we are no where. I too, used to run in any pair of socks, which usually felt like sandpaper, had no elastic left after a while and had my feet asking for a podiatrist appointment. Invest in (several) pair of running socks and take care of them. You feet will thank you for it.
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    I totally agree - look after your feet, and your feet will look after you (that's what I always hope anyway....) I too used to be a blister sufferer.

    Just buy a few pairs, rotate them, keep them for running only so they last longer, and wash them carefully - they do last.

    'Hilly' socks are great, I use mono skin. I used to use twin skin but found these much better. But it really is about testing things out. Once you find the type that works for you stick to them.

    I haven't changed my trainer brand, or sock brand for years!
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As for Amazon I also use Hilly and Mono but also bought a funky pair of Nike socks in Cancun (hol not tri) which I now quite like.

    But ... in the quest for speed in Transition have in my last few races gone sockless - after a couple of months breaking in my Asics Noosa (the ones that are fluorescent but great for finding your kit in Transition). Liberal coating of Bodyglide and voila no rubbing. Still use socks for training though.
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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    SwimminTukker wrote:

    Hey Linds, you frugal McDougal.

    It's a fair cop Guv, I'm a pikey, but in my defense i currently have a car thats eating money on a monthly basis [:(] which results in a wife who is more "attentive" when discussing financial expenditure!

    Oh and for the record I beleive 2-0 and 4-0 should be mentioned [:D]
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    Linds - completely understand. Have a Financial Director at home myself, who increasingly is using terms e.g. "is that really necessary" and "are you getting a bit obsessive?". Re. the recent Emirates debacle, I have been warning my Dutch-based fellow fans that the day that McClaren was appointed was the beginning of the end..

    Happy Running!
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    I have found the solution to the "do you really need that?" comment - spend over £2K on a bike and then everything else looks cheap!!!!


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Running specific socks do stop blisters and are better for running in. I f you dont want to spend £10 then dont buy them if you dont want blisters then buy them, simple
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    I agree with treefrog - I used to run in best quality M&S sports socks (the scratchy loop pile ones) before I discovered X-socks (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Run/8/X-Socks_Run_Performance_Socks/5360011253/), they may be a bit garish (white and orange) but they have cured my blisters completely, no talc or lube needed, plus they come in L and R and are really easy to put on (with a heel grab flap).

    One other bit of advice I found useful is if you do wear socks for bike/run then a good squirt of talc in them (obviously in prep before race) really helps getting them on in T1.

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    LindsLinds Posts: 124
    Right decision made - i'm off to buy socks tonight

    Oh the excitement - be still my beating heart!
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    you're only getting brave and spending because the Finance Director at Villa Smith is on holiday!!!

    start hiding receipts in the bin Linds - !

    tick tock tick tock -

    18 days till the Highworth Tri - yippee - feeling the lactic acid burning already! See you near the back of the field!
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