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UK Ironman Accommodation


Where is the best place to stay the night before the UK Ironman 2015? Is it better to be in central Bolton and get a lift to the swim (or race village to get the shuttle?) or stay nearer to the swim? 

I don't need the additional services the official travel partner provides so I am looking at a Travelodge in town or nearer to Pennington Flash lake.


Any thoughts or experiences will be welcome!






  • Hi, ive done Bolton for the last 3 years and will be doing it again in 2015. Staying near pennington flash is good but the best place to stay in near the stadium as the event and bike to run are based there plus the shuttle bus takes you to pennington flash in the morning and back from the finish to the stadium so its easy to get back to the hotel too. I always stop in the Whites hotel in the football stadium but there are a few round there. You can also stop near by and drive to the stadium in the morning as there is parking there and get the shuttle to pennington flash. cheers Jay

  • Great, thanks for letting me know Jay. 

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