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Shoes for fat feet!!

Hi guys & girls.

I have unusually wide feet. I bought some specialized road shoes over Christmas but couldn't even remotely squeeze my feet into them. I'm currently using some nackered Louis Garneau ones but want to treat myself to some higher spec road shoes.

Any idea of brands that makes shoes more applicable to the wider soled individual?


  • I'm a Bigfoot, and know your pain trying to find a well fitting shoe. I have reasonably wide feet. I could fit a standard Specialized, but it made my feet ache after a couple of hours, as though they were just too cramped. In general I've found cycling shoes too narrow.

    I ride Bont Vaypor+ now. They are much wider in standard fit and they do a wide fitting also. Plus custom mouldable, but I didn't notice much difference after a few goes. They felt funky to start but disappear on the bike and construction is good.

    I would recommend ordering some wide fitting ones to try. They could well be the solution.

  • Another vote for Bont Vaypors wide fits,  i've got some right old canoes have to wear New Balance 4Es to run in.

    I've found that Northwave come up pretty wide. My tri shoes and cross bike ones are Northwave and they don't give me any trouble.


  • I've opted for the touring style lace up shoes as I could never find any road shoes that came close to my feet. I did find a pair of MTB shoes from decathlon with Velcro fasteners that were ok but poor quality

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