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Im a newbie and have just got into Tri in July 2014. I have actually completed my first OlyTri in Sept and really chuffed about it. I intend to do another Oly event soon and so I have been continuously training. I have been trying to focus on my bike and up until 2 weeks ago, my bike seemed to be improving gradually. My first tri split was 1:23. My training splits now are in the region of 1:13 to 1:15, the first being my PB. In fact, my PB was nearly 2 weeks ago.

Since then, I have struggled to get anywhere close that level for some reason. I have rested for 2 weeks now but my quads are killing me after 10 minutes every time I try and ride and have had to give up after half hour.

My question is why am I struggling? It seems like I cant even do a complete 25 mile now.

Any advice is very grateful.




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    A common mistake is to train over the race distance at race pace. As you've found you stagnate, become stale then get slower.

    You need to mix things up. Lots of long rides at a steady/conversational pace plus shorter rides with warm up/cool down and reps at or faster than or race pace.

    The mix depends on where you are in your race cycle:

    Off season; mostly long steady rides for endurance and hills if possible for strength 

    Build to race; some long steady rides but also some higher intensity rides with faster than race pace (for aerobic capacity) and race pace (for muscular endurance) reps. As the race approaches the reps become longer and more at race pace (more race like).

    This is a very simplistic outline of how to prepare for your next race. hope it helps

    There are some training plans on this website which may give you a few ideas

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