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Mens Wetsuit Required


I am due to compete in my first open water triathlon in May.

I am in the market for an entry/intermediate level wetsuit that would fit a male, 6ft and 85-90kg.

Any help would be much appreciated,




  • Go to one of your local retailers orone of the shows and try some on.  The most important thing is that it fits properly. Loads of good wetsuits out there but the're only any good if they fit properly.


  • I am also doing my first triathlon in may and I bought an orca trn wetsuit from wiggle, in the sale for £85. For the money it seems good.

    I am 5' 10 and about 77kg so got a size 7 on the recommendation of the wiggle staff, it fits like a glove and looks the part to

    Good luck

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