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Talkback: Hands up who cycled over 809km last year?

Logged 4600km in 2014, and that doesn't include all my turbo sets.....


  • Did 2853km last year, surprisingly
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    about 6000km, not including the turbo/spin, in 216h.

    my commute is consistent, though. unless it is 2ft of snow and ice out there in which case i take the train or hide in front of the fire.

  • Rach ERach E Posts: 1
    I did 23,500km in 2014 (am a cyclist, not really triathlete anymore) but I think these stats are a bit misleading as many people don't log turbo sessions (I do). Also, does this include people who only signed up partway through the year and/or only logged for sporadic parts of the year/gave up halfway through?
  • risris Posts: 1,002

    that's a good point, Rach E, this might be the average, but a refined data set might provide a more relevant figure to regular users.

    23,500km, though! amazing - i hope you had some brilliant days, weeks and months on the bike in 2014. 

  • 1256miles (0 on a turbo) between training, commuting and 'fun' all on my rather heavy hardtail MTB - God I can't wait to get my Roadbike!

  • TackoTacko Posts: 1
    I don't record my commute...it's not really a training session! Only 3 miles a day but that's an extra 600+ miles a year.
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