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Talkback: The Weekend Warrior on… When to wear race t-shirts

It has to be my Outlaw t-shirt, well Outlaw Training to be precise, it's grey, tell's total numpties what I want to achieve, and fits perfectly, (even with the seasonal gains). More over the grey t-shirt with white and orange writing and logo stand out. I am now contemplating buying another, so I don't have to wear anything else... (is this wrong?)


  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280

    My favourite and prestigious t-shirt is a 2XU technical t-shirt donated by 2XU to all us medal winners at the 2011 Beijing Tri World Champs.

    Well earned and very well worn !!!!

  • risris Posts: 1,002

    henley bridge-to-bridge is my favourite from the technical t-shirt drawer of dismay.

  • It has to be my Outlaw 2015 Finishers t-shirt, which took me over 7 months of training and 16:33:13 to earn!

    Not ashamed to say I didn't take it off for the first week.

    Little ashamed to admit that, this was purely because I could barely move for that week.
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