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Gipiemme Aero wheels

Good value or a waste of money?


  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Tempting as good looking but relative to other wheels heavy - ish.

    Theres an article in Cycling Weekly 2008ish about wheel weights not being "that" important tho...IIRC it quoted 0.02% but dont know the context or anything else until I find it.

    No matter what set you subsequently buy - better/lighter/faster ones suddenly appear that are cheaper.
    Its a law of triathlon.

    If you like em - got for it as they'll only be a waste of money if you dont actually ride the thing. :roll:
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I've go some.Not the carbon one's and they run really well and lok the dogs.£329.00 with ultegra cassette fitted and tubes and rim tape.Abit heavier than my eastons but once up to speed you can tell the difference
  • pippip Posts: 170
    PS got mine from kinetic one
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