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Talkback: Jonathan Ross set to race Ironman 70.3 Staffs

Oh god, "celebrity" shenanigans now pervades tri220!


  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168

    Many an Ironman race has been decided upon over a few too many pints with friends - and often, with little to no experience these people go through with it (just!).  This could just as easily be the same case if you took away the celebrity status.

    At least he'll have a support crew to get him to the start line (unlike jo blogs) and if he has the time to train (a lot!) over the next few months he'll get to finish it too.  I don't care that he's a celebrity myself.  Though he is raising the profile of our sport and hopefully it will help bring more people in wanting to have a go.

    Also, it's for a charity don't forget so lets hope it makes lots of money for the cause.  Another reason to applaud him for having a go.  Good luck to all involved.

  • He is not getting into our sport. He is paying ??300 to be part of Ramsay's team. Then has to raise at least ??300 for charity. In return he gets luxury hotel, dinners, coaching and equipment. Buying his way in a elite club. He has no interest in sport.
  • tried to get a place but obviously TV personalities take precedence , look forward to seeing Uber novice ross at Kona next year ........
  • £300, ha. £3000 I ment.

    Celebrities, who need em? :-/
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