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Wanted, Garmin edge 500

As above,

wanted garmin edge 500 head unit

prefer black and red if possible

only head unit wanted as I have the hrm and cadence sensor

Cash waiting


  • Hi, 

    I have a Garmin Edge 510 (BLUE) - only about 9 months old - that I no longer use since buying a forerunner 910xt

    If that's of interest, how much would you pay for it ?


  • Thanks for the offer but I will hold out for the right colour

    I know its a bit tarty but I want it to match my bike if possible, which is black, white and red, and my tri suit is black, white and red so I think blue will look a bit funny.

    I also have a forerunner 910xt but I like a bike mounted computer as well as it is easier to keep an eye on things without having to move my wrist all the time.

    I do have a cateye at the moment so I have a sensor on the front for that and the garmin on the rear wheels.

    So getting a garmin computer I can get rid of the sensor off the front fork and run them both off the rear.

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