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time off?

[align=center]when and how much? i have been training hard since jan, and last sunday ran 20 miles in 2.41 [/align][align=center]on monday, i went swimming, which i use as active recovery,40 lengths or so and weights on tuesday.[/align][align=center]usually i would be ready for a hard 50k of hills on the heavy bike by wednesday but this week, i am just so tired. not injured or strained, just tired.no amount of porrige /veggies& coffee can get me going, so i have decided to take the rest of the week off. the first time since jan.[/align][align=center]no active recovery . nothing.[/align][align=center] [/align][align=center]anyone ever arive at this state ?[/align][align=center] [/align][align=center] [/align][align=center] [/align][align=center]why does the text look like a menu?[/align]


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Thought it looked like a poem, not a menu. Quite a good one too.

    I would say rest until you feel like you are ready to go again! A week or two off is a good idea. Of course, my problem is enforced rest. I've never been able to build up a volume of training without breaking.

    How much you need to rest depends on how old you are, what your race plans are etc. But the need to "have a training holiday" is well recognised.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I have hit that point recently, I'm new to tri and found that i was trying to keep my running the same and add bike and swims to it, meaning that i was training upto 3 or 4 times a day on some days. Totally over 15hr a week. I did too much (as i love training!) and have had to take a bit of time off. I found that 3 days with nothing at all, then a gentle recovery run (3miles at 9min pace) and then started back at lower volume than before, and seem to have recovered.

    It sounds like you have been overdoing it. Your body does need to rest and recover. Active recovery is great but it sounds like you were doing more than just recovery on you recovery swims. I think your plan to rest up for the rest of the week is a good idea, but you may need to schedule in some proper rest days (ie do nothing) should be included in your schedule, perhaps one every other week if you can't give up one day a week?

    That said, i'm no expert
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