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Cycling Routes near Reading

Any advice on where to do big distance near Reading?

The roads seem a little busy and dangerous so far (am relatively new to the area)/


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You could try a search on MapMyRide.com, found 173
  • sproutsprout Posts: 9
    Hi depends on what "big distance" means but here are a couple of routes from Anthony Maynard sportive for 110k and 195k:
    http://readingcyclingclub.com/anthonyma ... /?q=node/1

    Also other side of reading you have the chilterns, so could head out that way and do some of the Challenge Henley 180k course

  • Head north out towards Caversham, you then have access to the Chilterns loads of traffic free riding, you can then link up with the Challenge Henley route or Dipper sportive routes. Lovely rides plenty of hills.

    If you want the gpx's send me over a pm.
  • If you are new you may not know about the openwater swimming nearby.

  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205
    As a Northerner who at times visits the in laws in Reading and takes his bike for some stress free relief, I must agree with Sprout's post that the Anthony Maynard Route is a great starting point to getting out in the hills. The 100k route include some great little blast's and it is always possible to head back down to the A4 if needed (wind and rain on exposed tops). There are still a number of stickers on lamp posts and road signs to confirm you are still on route. I must admit that you have my sympathy having to train down there with respect to the general attitude and standard of many drivers, I can have as many close shaves with vehicles in one week in Reading as I would in a few months here in Lancashire, a very good reason to make the effort in getting out on quiet country lanes away from the main population centres.
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Zacnici wrote:
    You could try a search on MapMyRide.com, found 173
    +1, good starting point for ideas
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