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New Bike - Which way to go??

Hi All

Hoping I might be able to get some advice on my next bike - i have a modest £1500-1700 budget and i'm at a fork in the road as to which way to go...

I currently ride about 100miles a week on my road bike and don't own a triathlon specific bike. Same as a lot of people on here, i'm doing to 70.3 in Staffs in June. I'm don't do regular triathlons but I am looking to complete a full IronMan next year.


So... Do i buy a Tri specific bike, or a decent road bike - if the latter, would aero extension bars be a worthwhile addition?

Then, once i know which way i want to go, do i buy new, second had or build my own? I need the bike to be comfortable enough for general riding, but if there is a significant gain to be had on the aero/tri bike and it is usable on a normal weekend, would that be best?

any thoughts or ideas?!?


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    would aero extension bars be a worthwhile addition? YES yes a thousand times yes. Get some aero bars, find a comfortable position for them and not only will you feel an aero benefit (especially over 112 miles) but you can take a lot of the strain out of your shoulders by putting your weight directly through the length of your bone for support rather than relying on muscle stability to maintain your position.

  • NJLNJL Posts: 7

    Nice one - thanks for the replies.


    i have been looking at 2015 Giant Proper Advanced 1 - looks like a good compromise for the money?


    Any thoughts on this - looks like it would suit a good aero position?

  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I don't know a lot about the giant, the two things to look for are: 

    1. Reversible seat post (as mentioned above) this gives a winder range of seat positions.

    2. Seat tube angles... According to Canondale most of us mortals would want something circa 76-80 degrees whereas as lot of road bikes will be at circa 73.5 so it would be worth seeing where you can get to on the propel.

    Maybe Try and get on a few different bikes and see whAt is comfy as well.

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