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Tacx Training DVDs

Does anyone have any experience of using the Tacx Training DVDs - specifically the France, Alpine Classic one. It's relatively expensive at over £30 and wondered what instructions / info the DVD provides you as it's not clear from any images I can see online. eg does it give you indications on resistance level, cadence, rpm etc asyou progress up the climbs? Many thanks


  • What about the Sufferfest series? I love them - CH loves them even more

    I've never used Tacx's own ones.
  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205

    I have used the Tack trainer with the fortius software for a number of years. The DVD,s can be really useful in building a training programme. The secret is to have a few options to keep things varied.
    Personally I use the following quite a lot. My three favorites are.

    Majorca: only 63km in length but has a good short climb and a longer climb at finish. The course is quite rolling so I like to take the gradients down to -50% as this offers constant 1 - 2.5% inclines which if you maintain your cadence is really good for threshold based power work for an hour to an hour and a half.

    Training with the Schlecks: This is a three hour course set up in watts which can be broken down into three sections. On the flat and rolling hills it is possible to keep up with the two boys as they are taking it easy, on the short sharp climbs they put the power down though. The secret is again set a -% and try to match them as you get better lower this changing factor to increase the training load. Being behind two of the worlds best cyclists also lets you get into their cadence rhythms, when they accelerate stand etc.

    Tourmalet: Last years Etape course. Again three sections taking in the last three climbs, each ofering something a little different. Find this is really good for building mental strength to simply keep the pressure on the pedals. Annotation counts you down at each km and gives you info regarding gradients average/max. If climbing is a weakness will help you pace and attack a big climb rather than sucumbing to its gradients.

    When all else fails beat yourself up on self designed catalyst routes.
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