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My first Triathlon will be the UK IRONMAN..

I've signed up for the UK IRONMAN on 19th July, 23weeks to train! I've signed up to this to get any guidance I can, there's no stopping me do the event though so any help appreciated! I'm already pretty fit due to my job, I've been cycling for few months and back to swimming a week (my weakest point). I know plenty have done the ironman as their first triathlon before, does anyone know how these people get on? The most frequent mistakes?


  • Andrew4Andrew4 Posts: 190

    I think the one of the biggest mistake most rookies make across the board is run complacency. I know a lot of people, even only starting out at sprint level, who think "oh I have a x min pb for the race distance, so add a minute or two and it'll be no problem" and then found about 30 seconds into the run that they were wrong. The moral of the story... do lots of brick sessions, both longer easier sessions and very short sharp sessions. One which I enjoy is the following:

    10-15 minutes bike hard

    7 minutes run (5k pace)

    Repeat 2-3 times. I use this for Olympic distance training so you may want to lengthen the sets out to put some more hurt into your legs for each rep but it this should help you with the inevitable feeling of trying to run when your legs are like lead after a hard bike.

  • Cool, thanks for that! I done my first brick session the other day, 45min session on other day on a WattBike then a 5mile run at 7min per mile. It felt pretty good to be honest but obviously I'll be dealing with greater distances so I'm going to slowly build up.

    I'm staying away from the WattBike now though as after using it for a week I developed a very tight ITB and it started 'popping', I think it's how it's set up, I can't get to grips with it. I'll stick to the road
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