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Talkback: Wanted – your memories of last year’s London Tri

Have some good memories from last year... a very pleasing 2:19 on the Olympic and my fastest ever 10k (beating even my best single sport 10ks)but the most amusing has to be this...

Coming in to T2 up the hill into the excel where its quite bumpy my water bottle launches out of my rear bottle cage, lid falls off and its starts rolling down the hill, cue me de-shoeing and running against the flow of traffic to try and catch it and then having to do an uphill flying mount only to round the corner and dismount again... frustrating but amusing!


  • Jamie220Jamie220 Posts: 168

    Thanks Andrew, hope you gave that water bottle a telling off!!

  • Right calf started to cramp 300M from swim exit, subsided then my left did a full on rubber band effect. Limped up the stairs to T1 (where somebody stacked it front of me on the hessian matting), jumped on the bike and went full throttle as I doubt I'd be able to run. Came off the bike and ran a 38 minute 10K, new PB. Never give up.
  • I haven't quite mastered the technique of putting on your shoes whilst cycling. So I was running in my road shoes, made it about 5 meters before falling on my bum because of a puddle. So much pain for the rest of the race. Then on the bike I had my spares and repairs in a rear bottle cage bottle. That went flying off of the back of my bike. I have only recently managed to finally buy a new pump so my dad can finally have his back. I get in the car after I finish to remember I have a huge bruise and I don't forget that for the whole journey home. At least I got a PB
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