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where do you pick up your training plan after a cold?

I was 4 weeks in looking to start ramping up the intensity and I've had a dirty cold for the past two weeks. Might still need a few more days to clear. Do I pick up from where I should be in the program or go back 2 weeks or maybe even go back 3 weeks. Bearing in mind I've got a race early April?


  • If you're just getting over a cold - I would pick up from your last rest week as the worst thing you could do would be rush back in only to get sick again.

    If you've been training for just 4 weeks I would go back to week 2 and start building up again.

    You can build speed quite quickly if you have a solid platform to build from.

  • Thanks, I tried to go back to soon and landed up making the cold even worse.
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