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Chichester triathlon bike leg

I'm pondering doing this event in July and decided to research the cycle leg as I'm not wholly familiar with the entire route but had a vague idea of where it would go. Having done that I'm more than a little concerned that having traced the appalling PDF map on offer that the bike route is some 4km longer than stated - 34km against 30km? Has anyone completed this event this and can they confirm the distance please? - I can understand a small discrepancy but over 10%?!?


  • I might go out on my bike on Thursday or Friday and measure it on my Garmin for you. Maybe it's a 2k transition?  Lol

  • Let me know! I can't see how the disparity has arisen as I traced the route as best I can using Mapometer (which as far as I understand uses Google Maps and should therefore be pretty accurate) and overlaid a screenshot of that on the PDF from the organisers. No errors as far as I could make out...

  • MazMaz Posts: 12

    Hi there

    the sprint or try a tri route is a little over 20 miles and a good value TT type course. Do not do this course if you want a light hearted 'easy' sprint. You won't get that. Have a look at the last 3 years results and you'll see where the winners are finishing. 


    Have fun. ????

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